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Monday, February 12, 2007

Searching for Flowers

With Valentine's Day upon us, it's no surprise that flowers are on our minds. And Yahoo! Buzz -- which sifts through the millions of searches that the curious, the confused and the computer-dependent among us make on any given day -- has issued a list of flowers getting the most action on the Web.

Here's the Top 20, followed by the traditional sentiment associated with each bloom. In the lexicon of flowers, apparently Calla lilies, Gerbera daisies and Star Gazer lilies have no special meanings. Anyone out there want to speak for them? Send me your thoughts.

Top Searched Flowers on Yahoo!
Rose (Love)
Orchid (A Belle)
Iris (My Compliments)
Calla Lily (?)
Sunflower (Pure thoughts)
Amaryllis (Splendid beauty)
Tulip (Declaration of love)
Carnation (Pride and beauty)
Hydrangea (Heartfelt)
Bird of Paradise (Joyfulness)
Chrysanthemum (Fidelity)
Daffodil (Chivalry)
Tiger Lily (I dare you to love me)
Anthurium (Hospitality)
Peony (Bashful)
Lilac (Youthful innocence)
Gerbera Daisy (?)
Anemone (Anticipation)
Aster (Patience)
Stargazer Lily (?)


Anonymous Marie said...

I love the idea that each flower has a meaning, I received lysanthium, my favourite flower on Valentine's Day. I would love to know the meaning of this flower?

2/20/2007 12:40 PM  

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