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Thursday, January 25, 2007

What's Wrong With These Pictures?

It's Lovely Weather For Daffodils . . .


Blogger Susan said...

Hi Irene-

Nothing is wrong with your great pictures in my humble opinion! They depict two of my absolute favorite things: snow and daffodils. I really look forward to a nice snowy day even if I have to drive to work in it. The world seems quiet and cleansed while snow is falling. I feel comforted by a lovely snowfall. My daffs have sprouted up about 3" to 4" but haven't produced buds. A few of my clematis have swollen buds right below where I plan to prune them in early March. I say to Old Man Winter, "Bring on the glorious snow". Nothing gets the senses peaked like an impending storm!

1/25/2007 6:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1/30/2007 5:02 PM  
Anonymous Graham Rice said...

Everything's now pretty much locked up tight with cold out here in PA. The snowdrops were through in December but have been flat on the ground, in bud, for weeks and the spring witch hazel which started to open three weeks ago has beeen stopped in its tracks by the return of more seasonable wetaher. But no insulating blanket of snow - and that means trouble for perennials.

Great blog, Irene! And great pictures.

2/02/2007 4:58 AM  

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