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I'm Irene Virag -- a writer, a gardener, a cancer survivor. I think ideas are like plants. They need nurturing to grow. And gardeners share both. So welcome to my blog. It’s all about what’s happening in my garden and beyond.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Going for the Gold

I don't usually blow my own horn when it comes to awards, but I can't help telling you about this one. It makes me very happy because it comes from my peers. At the Garden Writers Association convention in Oklahoma City recently, I won the organization's Gold Award for best newsapaper garden writing in the country. If you'd like to read my winning column -- one that was close to my heart -- click here.

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Anonymous debra prinzing said...

Hello Irene, I'm sitting here with dewy eyes, staring at the grand and stately beech and your poignant words. Your story about the monarch and the offspring is lovely. I'm so happy you shared it.
Whenever we experience loss, it is to the garden, to nature, that we turn. I look forward to reading more - and to seeing you and Harvey again in 08 - in Portland!
cheers, Debra

10/30/2007 9:35 PM  
Anonymous Steve Nowotarski said...

Hi Irene,

Just got a preview of Sunday's article. THANKS! These words cause me to pause and reflect on that which I need to be Thankful for. Among many things and people are you and Harvey. Thank you both for inviting me into your garden to help you both find the joy of growing your own dahlias.
Spent the day harvesting tubers in my garden---what a joy the crop is outstanding--I will have lots to share next spring. This truly is the time to be thankful.
Congrats on the Gold Award ---for 25 years it was my beech also. I miss her. Something as beautiful as the beech must be a women


11/16/2007 6:16 PM  

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